The time I started watching The Vampire Diaries and I died

I’m back!

Sooo, it’s been a while, but I’ve been a little busy meeting Jacob Whitesides… I’ve been thinking lately of what to write this post about, and I couldn’t find what to do. But, one week ago, I started watching this TV series that I’m absolutely loving. I’m not really surprised that I actually like this show because I LOVE vampires and supernatural things and all that stuff. So, I started watching The Vampire Diaries.

I know, I know, I’m a little late because the show it’s about to end, but before starting it, I thought I wouldn’t like it because some people told me it was a little crappy, but I gave it a chance, and guess what? I’m really obsessed with it.

If you didn’t knew it, The Vampire Diaries tells the story of two vampires who return to the town where they grew up. Stefan Salvatore first arrives to Mystic Falls attracted by a girl called Elena Gilbert. They sort of start a relationship but suddenly, Stefan’s brother Damon arrives to town. The problem of this is that Damon actually hates Stefan. And what will really brought problems is that Damon can’t help but fall in love with Elena too.

So, now that i’ve introduced a little the show, I can start talking about my experience watching the show (for you to know, i’m at season 6 episode 20).

I was laying in my sofa, and 5 seconds had passed of the first episode, and I already knew I was in love. Stefan Salvatore started talking and said: “I’m a vampire, and this is my story” And there I started loving him. At first, Stefan was my favourite character. I absolutely loved him, I was fascinated about him and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. And then he started dating Elena and I was even more in love. In the second episode, his brother Damon arrived to the show and started killing innocent people and I was like: “I hate him so much get out of here”.

But, after watching more episodes, something really strange happened. When Damon appeared in scene, I started to feel like something that wasn’t hate. LOVE. I started loving Damon and now, saying this with no doubt, Damon is my favourite. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM. I can’t fight that because he is so handsome and so caring about Elena that my heart aches about him.

And then, he admitted that he was in love with Elena and I died. I couldn’t believe that this man, who was killing people and not caring about anything or anyone, had started loving this girl. So I started shipping them so hard and I’m truly not over that *A little spoiler* Elena says he hates him even though we all know it isn’t true. After some seasons more, DAMON AND ELENA START DATING! I didn’t realize in what moment Elena changed and started loving him, but I absolutely love them together. Their relationship is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I love how Damon changed of being selfish and not caring to love Elena so much he would die for her without any doubt. 
My love is that bigger that in my classes, I can’t stop thinking about Damon and I can’t stop thinking that I want to get home and watch this show non-stop. Now that the TV show has ended, and I’ve watched some spoilers around there, I can say that this is my favourite show and that I will never stop loving them.



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