Meet your next favourite TV show: SKAM

I’m going to start this saying you have to watch Skam (if you haven’t seen it of course).


One day in December I was checking my social media and I found in Twitter a few people talking about a Norwegian serie and saying that it’s worth watching so I said to myself: “You have to watch this. Soon. Very soon.”

Then, one day that I hung out with my friends, one of them told me that she had seen it on Twitter too and that she wanted to watch the serie also. This was a Friday. I’m just going to say that we finished the serie on Sunday.


We were talking about all the chapter by Whatsapp or Twitter, and somehow, we had the same feelings about the show. We loved it. We loved it a lot.


The TV show has three seasons and number four is coming. I really like the fact that every season is about a different character. I mean, the main characters differ from season to season.

The series focuses on the daily life of teenagers at a high-school and I like the concept that, in reality, it was the first higher school in Norway which admitted women.


What I like about this serie is that it talks about some things that happens in our daily life that “impact us” with a normal behavior. For example, it has a story of a boy who discovers that he’s gay and afterwards he has a boyfriend and it talks about feminism too but not too much.


Season 1 is about Eva and his daily life. He has a boyfriend called Jonas and a group of friends. This season shows what she does with Jonas and how is her friendship with the group of girls; what they talk about when they’re alone, the kind of things that they like to do…


Season 2 is about Noora, a friend of Eva. I really enjoyed this season because I felt that I connected so much with her. In this season, Noora falls in love with a boy called William, a boy of a group of “bad guys” called The Penetrators. It shows how the typical bad guy can also be very sweet and soft when she’s with her but people don’t know this because he doesn’t like to show it to the other people.


Season 3 (and the last for now) is about a very very very cute boy called Isak. He’s a friend of Eva too and you can see him in season 1 sometimes. When season 3 starts, Isak is flirting with a girl called Emma but when it finishes he’s dating a boy called Even.

One day, when he was in the kosegruppa, he meets a boy and somehow he feels interested on him. Then they meet at the bus, then more things happen and at the end Isak is in Even house and they’re kissing (I cried).

Season 3 was my favourite season EVER not just because I love Isak so much it hurts but for the way that they explained everything about a gay couple nowadays. To finish this I’m just going to say that “Always in my heart Evak. Yours sincerely, Lidia”


Although we know it’s going to be a season 4 we still don’t know the main character of this season. I really hope it’s about Even. 🙏🙏
Well, that’s been my post about Skam, I hope you watch the serie and like it as much as I did!



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