The Lovesick Tour stops in Barcelona

So, next month I’m meeting Jacob Whitesides. I repeat, Jacob Whitesides. And, yeah, I’m a bit thrilled about it. Actually, I’m going crazy. Actually, I’ve been freaking out since the day I bought the tickets. VIP TICKETS, GUYS. I’M GONNA HUG THIS BABE.

I’ve been a fan of Jacob’s music since his They Don’t Know About Us cover four years ago. It might sound dumb (and I’m sure it probably does), but I have loved him and his voice for a long time now: I fangirled like crazy when he released 3 AM. I loved A Piece of Me the first time I listened to it, and I still love it as much as I used to. I jumped and screamed with Faces on Film (C’mon, Shame On You and that Game of Thrones vibe still makes me feel like some kind of royalty). And, I’m gonna be totally honest with y’all here: I cried when he announced Why?, and even more when I listened to it for the first time. And the second. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, the third too.

At some point of September, if my memory doesn’t fail me, after the album release, Jacob announced dates for the European leg of his Lovesick Tour. When I realized that he was coming to Barcelona, of course, being the crazy fangirl I am, the very first thing I did (while crying my heart out) was text my best friends (hey there, Aina and Lidia!), and get crazy with them through misspelled messages and words with too many wrong letters on them. At some point of the next few days we kind of planned everything: The three of us were attending the show, with mine and Lidia’s moms and, of course, we were needed to buy VIP tickets.

Later that month (or maybe already on October?), my sister bought the tickets for us while we were at school (of course, when she told me, I cried). Again. And in November, FINALLY, the VIP tickets went on sale. And I had to buy them all by myself. My very first time buying something online. I was terrified, honestly. You can try to imagine the situation: I was sitting in front of my computer, with Aina by my side (because, obviously, I needed her emotional support) and my sister’s credit card (which I didn’t even know how to use) on my hand. Thankfully, everything went right, and we bought them as soon as we could. And guess what happened then… Yes, I cried again.  (Aina talking: she’s always crying)  She’s right.

To this day, I still can believe I’ll see him. And I’ll hug him. In only a few weeks. Somehow, he’s been my escape all this years. He inspires me and motivates me, and he kind of makes me a bit happier every day, being unaware of it.

Annnnnnnndddd I’m gonna leave now before all of this gets too ridiculous.


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