Me getting tickets to Shawn Mendes??

Hi there people! Today i’m going to explain a little my experience getting my tickets for Shawn Mendes’ Illuminate Tour and how I got to know him and to love him as much as I do now. So, starting about how I meet him I have to say that it was because of one of my best friends. She had been listening to Shawn for a while and she was always telling me to listen to his album, and one day I decided that if she was talking all day about him, he should be good, so I turned on the computer, opened Spotify, and searched for Shawn Mendes. And in the exact moment that The Weight started, I knew I was going to love Shawn for all the eternity. Seriously, it was like listening to an angel.

So, since that moment I couldn’t stop listening to his album, I downloaded all his songs in my mobile phone, I put his songs at home so my mum listened to him, and I even bought his album which I never did with anyone else (besides 1D and Justin bc they were and are the loves of my life).

The conclusion is that I got to know all his life and to completely love him in less than a month. And one day I thought about how it would be to meet him and to go to one of his concerts, and I got really excited thinking that maybe I could go to one. And I even dreamed about that! So, that day I said to myself “I have to go to his concert and listen to The Weight live. And, luckily, my dream came true.



My best friend’s sister got the tickets in her home the 6th of October while we were in Catalan’s class. My best friend was outside the class doing a poster with other girls, and I was at class doing some exercises. Her sister send us a text saying that we already had our tickets, and I run out of class and got out to tell Lorena that we had them. So, the two of us hugged and thank God (and Lorena’s sister ofc) that we got the tickets. After this, Lorena’s sister informed us that we were going to be in 14th row! We got super excited because c’mon, seeing Shawn Mendes this close is almost everyone’s dream. I truly can’t believe i’m seeing him in about 4 months.

I hope maybe one day I can get to meet him, because I was planning to do it in this concert but c’mon, look at the prices, i’m poor! But, maybe, next time.

Until that, i’ll keep waiting for the concert.



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