The Beauty and The Beast; new film on 2017

Well, I’m pretty sure you know something about the Disney film The Beauty and The Beast, although it’s a little, I’m sure you know something. If not, I’m gonna sum up the film for you:


The film starts with a young girl called Belle who lives with her father Maurice, an inventor who most of the people think he’s crazy.

Gastón is a strongman who is “in love” with Belle and wants to marry her immediately but Bella doesn’t want because she doesn’t like the kind of mens like Gastón.


One day, Belle’s father decides to go to an invention fair but somehow he got lost on the road with his horse Philippe. At the end, he fights with many wolves and running away from them he finds an enormous palace. He comes in and gets impressed about the beauty of the palace and starts to tour the castle. Lastly, the beast found him and locks him at the dungeon.


When Belle realises his father hasn’t arrived, she tries to go and find him and in the middle of the road she finds Philippe, their horse. At the end, Belle finds the palace where her father is and she meets Lumière, a chandelier, Ding Dong, a watch and Mrs Potts, a teacup, with his son Chip


All of them agrees that Belle could be the girl that can break the curse and the one who can make that everybody becomes a human again.

Then the beast meets Belle and she says that she’ll stay at the palace if he lets her father go home. The beast, thinking about the curse, agrees with her and lets Maurice go home.


During the film shows how at first they don’t get well because clearly you won’t like to have breakfast or lunch with an ugly beast! But when you watch the film you can clearly see how they seem to get along better. For example, as I said before, Belle didn’t want to have lunch with the beast or to go for a walk with him, she always wanted to stay in her (BIG) bedroom, but as the film continues she seems to get along with all the objects (Mrs Potts, Lumière, Ding Dong, Chip, Fifí…) and she stays with them more time than before.

Because of this, Belle agrees to have a “date” with the beast and they go together to have lunch (well, inside the palace of course).

That’s my FAVOURITE part. I remember being 4-5 years old and telling my mother (well, the truth is that I used to tell her this every year since I was 3 until 5 years ago) to dress like Belle every year on Carnival and I have like 6 Belle’s dresses in my house 😳😳😁😁.

Well, going back to the film, after this scene happened and my heart explodes, Belle and the beast started to “fall in love”.


At the end, Belle’s needs to go home because her father is ill and she brings the mirror that the beast has to see the world outside the palace. When Belle’s is home she shows the beast to Gastón and his friends through the mirror.

Gastón and all his friends go to the palace and try to kill the beast and at the end they manage to do it. (Gastón dies too, but it’s not that important 😜)

When the beast is going through agonies, Belle goes to him and starts to tell him that she’s in love with him and that he can’t leave her now.

When this happens the curse that involved the beast and all the objects of the palace broke and the beast became the person he was before. The beast is no longer the beast and he’s now a charming prince. The palace is no longer dark and now is colorful and the objects are real persons again.


That’s all. The ending of the film. If you knew what was the movie about you’ve read this for nothing but whatever, I hope you liked it 😊.


About my experience, I can tell you that before going to school I used to watch this film three times a day 😳😂. I couldn’t go to sleep if I didn’t watch the film. Really. Some days I went to sleep to my grandparents house and I didn’t manage to sleep because they didn’t put me the film!!! (You may think I’m obsessed but don’t worry, I think this too).

And after tell you all of this I think you can clearly imagine how freaking excited I am to watch this film on March. I’M SO EXCITED !!!!!!!! 


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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    This movie has to be awesome. As a kid my mom would tell me this story at bedtime. The animated movie is my favorite of all the Disney movies. I’ve seen it a lot, even saw it in

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