My TOP 4 of Romance movies


Hello again! Soo, the winter is coming (I had to say this😁) and we all know this is the time where we all want (at least I want) to stay in the sofa, with a blanket, our TV, and a lot of romantic movies which will make you cry a lot. And what i’m going to do is recommend you some movies that I literally loved. Let’s start!

#1 The Last Song

I know this movie was released in 2010, but I had to talk about it. This movie is about a girl, Ronnie (Miley Cyrus), who goes to live with his brother and his father in a house near the beach. She has never been there because his parents got divorced and his father “left them”. So, when she arrives there, she “casually” meets Will (Liam Hemsworth) in town, and we all can imagine what happens after that. So, the thing is that this movie changes you. She starts like a rebel girl, who can’t stop fighting with his dad, and a really handsome boy arrives and she… changes. She starts to behave with his dad, she’s always with Will and doing fluffy things that will make your heart melt. And that’s what I love about his movie, how their relationship changes everything and how it makes them realize what they have.


#2 The Vow

Okay, let’s get serious. CHANNING TATUM. I had to put this movie here because of Channing Tatum. Oh my god, this man is the most charming man I have ever seen. I saw this movie because of him, and I have to say that I loved it (and not because he was in the movie). The movie explains the life of a relationship after an accident where the girl, Paige, loses her memory and she doesn’t remember who his husband Leo is. So, after the accident, he tries to recover the memory of his wife so she remembers him and what they went through. This movie, oh god this movie is really beautiful. I have seen it like 10 times and everytime I cry more. I don’t know what this movie has, I don’t know if it’s because of Channing Tatum, but this movie is amazing and I recommend it to you a lot.

#3 Dear John

So, as you see, I’m going to talk about another movie of Channing Tatum. I’m really sorry, but I love him. I also watched this movie because of him, but I truly liked it. It is about a boy who lives with his father, who has autism. One day, he meets Savannah, a college student. They start a relationship but the problem really starts when John, has to leave home and returns to the war to be a soldier. They together go through the illness of some relatives and have to learn how to deal with it together, and that’s what I truly liked about the movie, how they react and treat problems like that.

#4 The Notebook

I’ve seen this movie a lot of times and with very different people. And I can truly say everyone liked it, including me (well, my dad didn’t but…).  This movie is absolutely heartbreaking. It leaves you with such a sad feeling… The movie is about a boy called Noah who meets a girl in the parties of their town, a long time ago. The parents of the girl are really rich, but Noah is poor, and her parents don’t accept their relationship. This will cause a lot of problems for them, like she moving on… But, what it truly makes you absolutely love it it’s that even when their relationship is finished, even when more than 10 years have passed, they still love each other. So, that’s what it really made me cry.  



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