Review of the serie The Selection

The Selection

I started reading The Selection a year ago because one friend recommended me the book. The first thing that got my attention was the cover, because we all want that beautiful dress, and be as beautiful as her… So, I bought it and started reading it. At first, I didn’t like it much because it was a little slow, but, when I arrived at the parts where we can see how Maxon slowly falls in love, I got really obsessed with this book, because Maxon is the best prince you’ll ever see, even though you’ll never see him because he is fictional.  

Talking about how I fell in love with America, I sadly can say that at the beginning of the book I didn’t even liked America, because I’d be willing to go to a palace and meet the king, the queen and their beautiful child who is actually a very handsome prince. So, I didn’t like her, and she was in love with Aspen, who I didn’t like at the beginning either. But, when I finished the book I was in love with America and Maxon. I still hated Aspen.

The Elite

Now, there are only six girls in the palace, one of them Celeste. I hated her to death. She was like the only thing I didn’t like of the book. She was always bothering America and boycotting her. But, for the love of god, one of the other girls, Marlee, was the best person the books had. She was always trying to help America, and the best of that, she didn’t even loved Maxon! I know, I know, there was like a love triangle between America, Maxon and Aspen, but I truly knew Maxon and America were meant to be. But it couldn’t be all happiness in the book, so I started to think that something really bad was going to happen, and I wasn’t wrong. And that’s when something terrible (in my opinion) happened, which i’m not going to talk about because I think it’s the most important thing on the book, but the only thing I can say is that I cried.

The One

When I read the title of the book I knew that they were finally going to start a relationship. I like the title because it lets you know that they are going to end this book together but you don’t really know how or when. So, I started reading it super happy and I read the entire book really happy, even though this book has some stuff that makes you really really sad, like that rebels that were bothering me (well, they weren’t bothering me actually but you know, i’m really empathetic… ). One thing that always got in my mind while reading the book was: “What if Maxon doesn’t choose America?”, but when I thought that I said to myself: “This book is about their relationship and all of that stuff, are they really not gonna’ end up together? It’s impossible”. I’m not going to make any spoiler because I don’t really want to spoil the entire serie, but I finished the book with tears in my eyes (we don’t know why… )

I wanted to talk about The Heir and about The Crown, but it really has been difficult to not make any spoiler for that people who haven’t read all the books yet so I decided leaving it here, because it’s impossible not make any spoilers in the two following books. 


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