Me Before You: The book that broke everyone’s heart

About a month since we started with this blog thing and I still haven’t talked about Me Before You. Can you believe it????

Get ready for a post full of fangirl-Lorena and a lot of feelings.

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Me Before You, the movie based on Jojo Moyes’ book, was released on July in Spain. At that moment, I had heard about the novel and the actors who played Lou and Will here and there, but it never got my attention. But then, on August, I started watching Game of Thrones (show that I highly recommend since day one!), my love for the show grew and my love for Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on the show and Louisa Clark on Me Before You, grew with it.

One day on September, a week before my birthday, I was just going around a bookstore close to my town, and I saw Emilia’s face on a book cover. I FREAKED OUT. Of course, it was Me Before You, and… obviously, I bought it… and not the pocket edition: the beautiful and big and great and expensive 20€ edition.

I finished the book I was reading then (Los Chicos del Calendario, by Candela Rios, which I didn’t like at all and was really hard to end), and as soon as I could, I started reading Me Before You.

The book is about Louisa Clarke (Emilia Clarke), a girl living an ordinary life, who has always lived in a small town and knows no life apart from the one she has always had. When she’s fired from the café she has worked on since she was a teenager, she starts looking for a new job. There aren’t too many possibilities, but she gets a new job to maintain her family. She starts working for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a man who is wheelchair bound after an accident and lives a simple life; a life he completely hates. Things start to get interesting when Will, usually moody and bossy, realizes that Lou has given him a reason to wake up every morning.

And in that process I cry and cry and cry and I don’t stop crying. And when I get to the end, I keep crying. And I cry again when I tell my mom about the heartbreaking end. Oh my God, the end. OH MY GOD.

From the start, to the moment Will and Lou meet, (to the moment when he gives her the bumble bee tights!!!!) to the end, words can’t explain how much I loved the book.

Resultat d'imatges de me before you gifs

“Just live well. Just live.”

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