What I really feel when I’m going to a concert

That’s something that I really like to talk about. Everytime I ask my parents to go to a concert they always answer me the same: “another concert? Don’t you realize they’re all the same?”

My answer is always the same too: “of course they’re not always the same! They have different songs and different music style!”. As a 15 years old teenger, I can’t go to a concert alone, so I tell my mother to go with me. She usually accepts because she says that she would’ve liked to go when she was younger.

Well, I’m gonna tell you an experience about it that I felt just yesterday:

It was like 7pm and I was checking homework on my laptop when it started playing Little Mix’s* new single Shout Out to My Ex. I told my mother that the video was filmed in Almeria and I showed it to her. She said me “Don’t they go to that music festival you’re always telling me to go?” YES, YES MUM (I really answer like this, a bit shouting) Then she told me where we could buy the tickets in case that she accepts to go. Of course I showed her the page and she was looking where we could sit, she was staring at it for 2 minutes approximately and then she told me: CHAN CHAN CHAN “Well, if you wanna go we must buy now the tickets, right?” I literally freaked out. I didn’t expect this, I was just checking homework and in less than 15 minutes I was buying the tickets!!!! The thing is that she even told me to ask a friend of mine if she wanna come with us! In this moment I thought I was in a dream, really, how did this happen?!?! (for those who were wondering she told me that clearly she wouldn’t miss it!)

When we had all planned we told my father if he had anything to do on Thursday 1st December and he asked us why. When we told him he was like “Another concert? Are you kidding me? It’s like you live in one, you’re always there!”. At the end, he told us that he would take and leave us there. After talk to him we bought de tickets and it was such an exciting time for me! (I know it was for my mother too, even though she wouldn’t admit it).

Right, so today November 7th I’m currently waiting until December 1st to have a good time with my mum and my friend seeing my favourite singers!

It’s the first festival I go, it’s true that I’ve gone to a lot of concerts in the last 2 years, but I’ve never gone to a music festival, and I’m so excited because of this.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to enjoy this, I’ll talk about this on December 😝😝😝


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