Uknown musicians that should be more famous: Alex Aiono and Conor Maynard

Alex Aiono is from Phoenix, Arizona. He is 20 years old. He is a multi-instrumentalist, he can play the piano, the bass, the drums, the guitar and the ukulele. Before being that famous in Youtube, he used to perform in the streets of Santa Monica, and after that, he went on tour with the band R5. He has worked with John Legend, Billy Mann and Babyface. 


He is also a singer/musician that uploads videos in Youtube doing covers where he has more than 3.000.000 subscribers. Today, I was in my car, and the presenter started talking about him, about his videos, and one specially. He was talking about his cover of One Dance by Drake and Hasta el Amanecer by Nicky Jam. That’s his most visited cover on his Youtube channel, with 45.224.304 visits, and in my opinion, is one of the best covers i’ve ever heard. He gets to mix two songs, which are really different between them, specially because they are in different languages. So, when I heard his song on a very recognized radio, I got really happy, because I like him a lot and I think he should be more famous. 

Besides Alex Aiono, I’m going to add Conor Maynard to this “list” of unknown musicians. He also has a Youtube channel where he also uploads covers, where he has more than 3.000.000 subscribers too. I wanted to talk about him because a long time ago, one of my best friend listened to one song specially, and I really liked that song, but I actually didn’t gave importance to him. Now, 4 years later, i’m obsessed with this man. I’ve seen all his videos, and I think I can say i’ve watched them more than four times each.  

Conor Maynard is 23 years old, is a singer/musician, and he is also multi-instrumentalist. He became a little known thanks to his debut single in 2012 “Can’t Say No”. After that, in the same year, he won the MTV’s Brand New Award for his single “Vegas Girl”, which launched his career. His most famous cover on Youtube is One Dance by Drake with 44.818.319 visits.

So, one thing that makes me really happy is that two of my favourite singers at this moment, actually know each other and have appeared in Youtube together in their channels one or two times. They appeared for the first time together in Conor’s channel singing Cold Water by Justin Bieber, three months ago. 

When I heard that song together, it was like I was blind all my life and that song opened my eyes. I LOVE their voices separate, but together, it’s like heaven.  

Cold Water by Justin Bieber – Alex Aiono and Conor Maynard

Personally, my favourite cover of Alex Aiono is Let It Go by James Bay.

Let it Go by James Bay – Alex Aiono

And finally, talking about Conor, my favourite cover is Faded by Alan Walker. 

Faded by Alan Walker – Conor Maynard


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