The evolution of Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin as a relationship

As a fan of Teen Wolf, and a person who has watched all the seasons, three times 😁, I’m obviously aware of the evolution of this characters’ relationship.They are now the biggest OTP in the show, but, everyone who has watched at least the first three seasons, knows that Stiles and Lydia haven’t been always this way.

At the beginning, we were all sad for Stiles. He was really in love with Lydia and Lydia was totally focused on Jackson (whom I hate with all my heart), so we were all heartbroken about this. Because, c’mon, we all love Stiles. He is one of the favourite male characters, and I truly believe he’s one of the most interesting characters of all the show.

I continued watching the show, and they started that kind of “pack”, and I was really happy that they spent more time together, and in a difference of one season, we see like a huge change in their relationship. They become like really close friends, they are always together, solving cases, being partners in crime, and at that point, I’m actually freaking out, but that isn’t the matter in all of this… 😜

The matter of this is the huge change. I don’t know the other people, but I didn’t exactly realize the moment where all changed. Because let’s be real, this couple have actually changed the show. The impact they’ve made in the people who watches the show is bigger than the impact of some deaths in this show.

But, it couldn’t be all perfect. And Malia arrived, and all my nightmares came with her. I don’t know if you like her or not, and I respect all the opinions, but I hated her since that moment, and specially that one in the basement…That was really hard for me to see, but let’s continue.

Malia arrived in the show in Season 4, and I don’t really know how, something happened between Stiles and Malia, and they just started dating. And I don’t understand why Stiles was dating her, because we all know he loves Lydia, but…  The point is that Lydia was left there like she didn’t matter to him anymore, because he had Malia. And in this moment, I got really upset. My life got worse, I was heartbroken… (jk😂).

Now, in the season 5,all changed.Lydia returned to the show even with more strength. But Eichen House (a mad house) happened, and Stiles couldn’t be there doing anything for her. And everything got better, and now, everything is back how we want it (at least how I want it).

So, what I’m trying to say is that this friendship/relationship (I don’t know what this is anymore), has passed through a lot of stuff, deaths, fights, illness, evil demons, a werecoyote… but, it has survived through all. All the things that happened to both didn’t matter because they fixed it all together, and that’s what I really appreciate. They started as unknown, then become to be friends, after that they got a real friendship, best friends, that time when he was dating Malia , and now, finally, we can see them again as the ol’ times. And I can’t be more happy about that.


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